This is a title sequence I recently created for Tytan’s upcoming documentary, Love Sweat & Tears. More information about this project can be found at here.
Love Sweat & Tears explores the hardships and tribulations women go through when they reach menopause, focusing particularly on how this stage of life affects their personal relationships.
The director gave me the lines he wanted to open the movie with, and I came up with the accompanying imagery and brought this sequence to life.
This is a mix of Double Exposure techniques and straight up Compositing.
To get the light wiping movement over the figures, we rigged a battery powered LED light to a ceiling fan and had it revolve around the actors, while they sat in front of a green screen. This idea was taken from the Walking Dead promo for 2015. We also shot a number of video textures such as: slo-mo fire, slo-mo dry ice, slo-mo water falling... to composite into the scenes with the actors. Most of the elements in these scenes are practically shot, rather than CG. I felt that it would have a more visceral feel if the majority was shot practically.

Production Company: Tytan Pictures
Director/ Animator/ Concept Artist: Jessica Thomas
Producers: Jim Stone and Scott Jacobs
Original Music by: Scott Jacobs
Shooters for the Elements: Julio Saldarriaga, Roxy Stone, Luke Culleny, Albert Dantzer, Daniel Cochran
Other assistance in developing the content: Leah Walker, Tyce Hoskins, and Janie Gray

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