This is a title sequence I created for Tytan’s documentary, Love Sweat & Tears, which can be found on Netflix. 
More information about this project can be found at here.

The director gave me the lines he wanted to open the movie with, and I came up with the accompanying imagery and brought this sequence to life.
This is a mix of Double Exposure techniques and straight up Compositing.
To get the light wiping movement over the figures, we rigged a battery powered LED light to a ceiling fan and had it revolve around the actors, while they sat in front of a green screen. This idea was taken from the Walking Dead promo for 2015. We also shot a number of video textures such as: slo-mo fire, slo-mo dry ice, slo-mo water falling... to composite into the scenes with the actors. Most of the elements in these scenes are practically shot, rather than CG. I felt that it would have a more visceral feel if the majority was shot practically.

Production Company: Tytan Pictures
Director/ Animator/ Concept Artist: Jessica Thomas
Producers: Jim Stone and Scott Jacobs
Original Music by: Scott Jacobs
Shooters for the Elements: Julio Saldarriaga, Roxy Stone, Luke Culleny, Albert Dantzer, Daniel Cochran
Other assistance in developing the content: Leah Walker, Tyce Hoskins, and Janie Gray

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