This high energy, visually stimulating spot focuses on Blue Force Gear's ultra-lightweight technology. The cinematography shows the sophisticated nature of the project by visually emphasizing the high quality of the materials. The graphics bring the technological and design benefits of each product to the forefront, and serve as the driving narrative of the piece.
The audio track is tense and stimulating, underlining the general atmosphere these products are used in.
The high image quality was made to be reminiscent of a Nike commercial, bringing all the attention to the product and its design.
There were two separate shoots for Blue Force Gear. One was a quick, short-notice shoot, which happened when Tytan was unexpectedly able to get permission to film on an active Tarmac. Sky replacements and color treatments were applied in post to create a cinematic feeling. The second shoot took place at night in the lot next to Tytan. We used two large Arie lights to get the high contrast illumination, visible in the shots of the military men performing mag changes. 
Hero Image before Coloring

Hero image before color treatment.

Hero image after color treatment.

Example tarmac scene before color treatment and sky replacement.

Example tarmac scene after color treatment and sky replacement.

Produced at: Tytan Creates
Client: Blue Force Gear
Executive Producers: Jim Stone, Roxy Stone, Scott Jacobs
Producer: Jim Wacker
Post Production Supervisor and Animator: Jessica Thomas
Sky Replacements by: Jessica Thomas and Leah Walker
Camera Ops: Luke Culleny, Roxy Stone, Jim Stone, Jessica Thomas

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