Fantasy of Flight is an aviation related attraction based in Polka City, Florida, that takes visitors from the earliest days of human heavier-than-air flight to the latest innovations in current aviation technology. Kermit Weeks, airplane collector, pilot, and founder of Fantasy of Flight, wanted to take the attraction to new heights and create something beyond anything amusement parks have done to date. When Weeks asked Tytan to help him brand this concept, we created numerous potential themes to pitch and assisted Kermit and Falcon’s Creative Group with ideation brainstorming. Tytan continues on this branding journey today, as several aspects of Fantasy of Flight are currently still in production.
Below are the style designs we initially pitched for the Fantasy of Flight's new branded graphics toolbox.

With the black and gold theme, we were inspired by the law of duality. The stark contrast between light and dark represented not only physical opposites, but that inner struggle we all face with our old selves when we step into the light of our new selves. The gold is our spark, shining brilliantly through our new perspective, covering up the darkness of our fears and insecurities. The triangle is a symbol of many things, the primary of which is trinities. Many symbols, values, and stories come in threes, striking the perfect balance between two opposites and one neutral. Each side and point of the triangle also has a deeper meaning. The colors of black and white reflect opposites, with the gold as a neutral value to mediate. This theme is elegant and polished overall, a sophisticated color scheme coupled with considerable veiled intricacies.

Our surrealist design represents the viewer’s deep sense of heroism, that inner desire to go bravely beyond ourselves into the unknown. Guiding guests through a mystical dreamland filled with wondrous creations, this design sparks the imagination at every angle. Humans have yearned for flight for so long that finally achieving it was a miracle, a fantasy come to life. What better way to celebrate reaching this elusive goal than to showcase the fanciful and impossible, to prove that imagination and infinite potential have a place in the skies and in human history, and to do what was once unthinkable and fly? Filled to the brim with whimsical fun and breathtaking imagery, this style also embodies the wisdom of the brand persona. This style explores visual correlations between multiple seemingly different ideas, alluding to the notion that everything changes depending on the perspective it is seen from, as well as weaving together a rich narrative and stunning art, forming a visual experience that will captivate the audience while showing them the beauty of other perspectives.

 Flight is a deeply spiritual experience. For centuries, humans watched birds with envy, longing for the day when they too could possess the sky. There is an innate grace in flight that shakes the human spirit to its core. To fly is to see life from a new perspective, to understand the bigger picture, and to look at our world through a celestial lens. The glimmering pearlescence of the logo, soaring high above an earth on the verge of sunrise, is a fitting representation of Fantasy of Flight’s out-of-this-world experience. This ethereal design incorporates sacred geometry, images of nature, and the beauty of clouds to encourage guests to feel the magic of human flight in their souls.

Prisms and crystals have had numerous meanings, and purposes throughout human history. Gems have always been coveted, worn on the body for decoration and carefully polished and preserved to last centuries. The visuals of multifaceted crystals encourage guests to examine their own complex lives, and to explore hidden facets of themselves they may not have realized were there. Coupled with the glimmering purples and blues of the cosmos, and with a background of glowing stars, this prismatic theme alludes to our journey into another dimension, shifting our perspective outside of space and time to better understand the world in its entirety. This theme also incorporates sacred geometry, hidden in the triangular facets that draw one deeper into the prisms and secrets of the universe.

Paper holds a special significance in the heart of every child. It is filled with endless possibility: you can draw on it, fold it, rip it, and even use it as confetti. You can tell stories with it. In a more adult sense, paper enables our society to function by holding all our information and giving us access to it. We know our history because of everything our ancestors wrote down and preserved. Paper is used for thousands of things, and embodies endless imagination and versatility.

These paper style options have several possible applications. With this style, we can include fantastical imager of flight and airplanes, but we can also bring out the deeper themes of the universe. Our paper imagery of airplanes includes scenes of soaring and wonderment. This type of imagery will enchant the current aeronautical viewers while also alluding to a more spiritual view of flight, visually creating a connection between physical flight and the metaphorical inner flight of our lives.

Our ethereal paper décor incorporates the sacred geometry of life without including the chaotic colors of traditional mandalas, opting instead for an airy, calming grace. Mandalas represent the cosmos both symbolically and metaphysically, and contain hidden meanings that are universally true throughout many faiths. The intricacy of the patterns encourages guests to examine their own experiences and discover the ways in which everything connects.

Nostalgia touches a deep, personal place in the human soul, especially when it comes to flight. Sometimes we long for the days when flight was new and exciting, when the world was uncharted, when airplanes were small and looped through the sky carrying only one or two people on an adventure instead of being an uncomfortable, cramped hassle to ride. This bold, colorful style brings to mind the early days of flight, eliciting a cheerful nostalgia in guests and reminding them that not all that much has changed: when it comes to flight, anything is still possible. The wind and sky remain the same as ever, glorious and free, and flight can still be a breathtaking experience that leaves one seeing the world in a different way. Guests will remember and be touched by the magic of flight once again, leaving Fantasy of Flight with the wind in their souls.

These styles were an internal joint effort at Tytan. Leah Walker and I did the initial style research and, along with Scott Jacobs, decided on the seven styles to execute. Then worked with Taylor Buchans and Anosh Master to create mockups of these styles to illustrate what each graphic toolbox would look like.
Taylor Bagley: Created the illustrations for the vintage style and the layout with which we displayed the graphics toolboxes.
Anosh Master: Generated the surrealism style frames.
Jessica Thomas: Created the frames for the Black and Gold style and both paper styles, and oversaw ideation of the rest of the project to make sure the content and founding ideas were properly executed.
Leah Walker: Worked up the frames for the Prismatic style.

Production Company: Tytan Creates
Client: Kermit Weeks
Creative Director: Scott Jacobs
Associate Creative Director: Jessica Thomas
Writings by: Rowan Proctor
Designers: Taylor Buchans, Anosh Master, Jessica Thomas, and Leah Walker

This is a video Tytan created for the first pitch. The idea of this piece was to show that we understood the core concept of Fantasy of Flight: flight goes beyond planes, residing within the human soul itself.

Credits for the Video
Production Company: Tytan
Client: Kermit Weeks
Director: Julio Saldarriaga
Shot by: Julio Saldarriaga and Albert Dantzer
Visual Effects: Jessica Thomas

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